man pressing a touchscreen like button“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This is a famous quote from 20 minute-long inaugural address by Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of United States. It’s of great significance in the context of handling Negativity on Social Media Networks. Many companies and organizations are afraid to join social media sites because of their fear of negative feedback. But you cannot run away from the fact that your organization will face flak on social sites even if you are nonexistent on them. The best way to handle negativity is to face it head on. Remember the bully you handled in school? Never mind. Here you will not get your nose broken though negative comments on social media sites may leave you bruised. Here are some ways to tackle Negativity on Social Media Networks.

Fight it out in the open

Strong words but required for the occasion. There are occasions when companies dread facing recalcitrant or difficult-to-please customers. They bury their head in the sand as if nothing has happened, in the false belief that things will tide over. But they don’t. Social media has become so powerful that negativism travels at the speed of light and before you know it there is a massive fire engulfing you. The best way to douse this fire is take it head on. Handling Negativity on Social Media Networks is best done in the open.

Be brutally frank in public

Contest each and every criticism. Don’t give an inch. Speak out and say what’s wrong with the complainant. Cry copious tears in public. Pacify rude people by offering logical excuses. Swamp the social network with positivity. This is the only way to protect yourself from Negativity on Social Media Networks.

Admit mistakes in private

You must always work on a parallel private track while managing negative situation on social sites. You should take email address of complainants and correspond with them directly. This approach almost always works in your favor.

Offer refund or freebies to pacify recalcitrant customers

If nothing works and your customer is adamant, you must immediately offer refund to them. This will pacify ninety percent of complainants. Once you are able to get people to understand your viewpoint you can cajole them to withdraw their public complaint. You would be surprised to know that many such folk turn into loyal customers.

Have a process in place but be flexible

Remember that whatever you do and howsoever good your product or service, there will always be those who will grumble and nit-pick. There is no way you can avoid these refund seekers. It’s therefore essential to have a process in place to tackle these negative elements. At the same time, no two trouble makers are the same. You must be able to deal with situations as they arise. This is the best way to handle Negativity on Social Media Networks

In summary

Negativism on the social network must be looked at as part of the package. You win some and lose some. You must take praise and criticism with equanimity. You must find a quick solution to all problems which arise from Negativity on Social Media Networks.