It wasn’t too long ago that the pound key was just a character that appeared on our phones, with little use outside of the programming world. Modern social media, however, has changed everything. The hashtag is now ubiquitous with social media and internet use in general – but do you truly know how to get the best out of every hashtag you use? Very few people do. In this article I’ll be covering how you can use hashtags to expand your social media reach – #HereWeGo!

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is the granddaddy of hashtag use in social media. Way back in 2007, Chris Messina decided that Twitter should group content using the pound key – and Twitter rejected the idea. However, it wasn’t long before the use of hashtags became ubiquitous with the social media platform, and the rest is history!

When you’re sharing content or ideas on Twitter, the hashtag should be at the forefront of your mind. By simply proceeding a keyword with a hashtag, you can ensure that anybody searching for that specific keyword will find your tweet! As great as that may be, it does mean that there is a certain level of thought that must be put into your hashtags to have your content seen. After all, if nobody is searching for your hashtag, nobody will find it!

Let’s use an example to clarify the hashtag process. Imagine your company is Hashtag World Incorporated and you are brand new to the scene. Let’s imagine Hashtag World Incorporated is a social media magazine. You probably have very few fans at this point, so #HashtagWorldInc isn’t going to be searched for much (if at all). Instead, you may consider using hashtags that are loosely related to your company’s ethos or goals – #SocialMedia or #Magazine are hashtags that people might search for, and you can get seen through those searches!

If you’ve no clue as to which hashtags are being searched for, or what hashtags are relevant to your company, do not fear. Twitter provide an autocomplete on hashtags that are commonly used – meaning you can begin typing things that you think will work and select tags that appear that are appropriate to your keyword!

Creating your own Hashtags

Perhaps you want to get your very own keyword trending. Maybe you think it is time to make #HashtagWorldRocks a success, and that it will be possible, thanks to your supportive followers and customers. The process for creating a hashtag of your own is exactly the same as that of using a predetermined one – you just don’t select one of Twitter’s autocomplete options!

Once you’ve created your tweet, hashtag and all, you’ll need to get sharing that content with likeminded people in order to get some traction for your hashtag.

The Path to Success is lined with Hashtags!

Whatever you are hoping to accomplish through Twitter, hashtags are the key to unlocking the platform’s full potential. In all honesty, it is ridiculous how much a simple character can help your marketing efforts – and get you the traffic, exposure, and conversions that you desire!