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Whether you’re a blogger, social media professional or just an Instagram advocate, growing your following on this visual, popular platform is no doubt a big ambition. After all, it helps you to get your name and your business out there to a wider audience, and it helps to start establishing your brand through strong, visual content.

However, you’ve probably already realised that growing your following on Instagram is far from easy. It certainly won’t happen overnight either, but here is a simple guide for things you can do to help get those numbers up.

Choose a theme for your feed

You’ll no doubt be really familiar with the various Instagram filters, and they can really make or break your feed. So that your channel looks uniform, recognisable and attractive in its appearance, you’ll need to choose one particular filter and style of photo to stick to. If you use a range of different ones, your channel can appear disjointed and cluttered. When you’ve chosen your theme and filter, you should also go through your page and delete anything that no longer fits. It can be a lengthy process, but posts that don’t fit with your new style will stick out like a sore thumb.

Be active and engaging

A great way to increase your following is to actively engage with them. You can do this by asking them questions, whether as a typography image or in your captions. You should also make sure you respond to any comments to show that you’re interested in what your followers have to say. Ensure that your posting is consistent in frequency, too.

Host giveaways and competitions

A great tactic that’s especially popular with bloggers and small businesses is to host giveaways and competitions on your Instagram feed. That way, you are actively rewarding people for following you, and giving them a unique opportunity to win something for free. Advertise your competitions across all of your channels to draw people from your other social media pages to your Instagram, too.

Identify content that works

After a few months of running an active Instagram account, you’ll soon start to identify which posts work the most effectively in terms of likes and engagement, and which hashtags prove the most popular, also. You’ll be able to conduct a simple audit of your content on this basis, to help you to carry on posting what has been proven to work, and omit posting content that is less successful.

Experiment with videos

Videos are fairly new to Instagram, but they are increasingly growing really popular, as video is really taking over social media content. Experiment with short videos to start with, giving an interesting and unique insight into your business that your followers can’t get from anywhere else, whilst sticking to your theme.