Sales Lead Nurturing

It might not surprise you, but it’s estimated that today, 8 out of 10 small businesses use social media to drive growth, raise awareness and to connect with their audience and customers. Social media is a great advertising and marketing tool at your disposal, and if used to its optimum level, can be a great sales and leads generator, too.

So, how do you transform those posts to engaged, liked posts? And how do you transform those likes and follows into valuable leads? We’re here to show you.

But first, it’s a good idea to ensure we fully understand the definition of business leads:

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into customers, brand advocates or business partners.

Lead generation is really useful as it means that followers are actively reaching out to you, because they are interested in what you do, and the offer that you have for them.

How do you generate leads?

The million-dollar question is of course, how do you generate them using social media? Here are some top tips to help you on your way.

Ad targeting

On pretty much all of the major social media networking sites, there are comprehensive advertising options, which means you can promote certain posts on a fixed budget. You can target locations, interests, specific key words, gender, ages etc. Working out your ideal connections are the best place to start, so that you can target effectively.

Get involved

When it comes to social media lead generation, it will need to be just that – social. You’ll need to actively start and join relevant, interesting conversations that are relevant to your industry and values, so that people will start to identify you as a thought leader on the topic. You can then reach out to individuals in the conversation, and will hopefully also be approached by others, too.

Be active

Social media is unfortunately a long process, and it can take a long time before you start seeing results. However, if you persevere with consistent, regular posting schedules, the rewards will come. It’s important that you’re active on your chosen social channels, so that when prospective clients view your pages, they’ll see you have a reliable, strong presence that they can depend on.

Offer rewards

People generally don’t like giving away their personal information for nothing, so if you want to capture people’s data, you may need to offer them an incentive to do so. It could be something fairly simple, such as ‘enter your email here to receive our free e-book on ***’, which is a great way to add to your email and company database, whilst providing your audience with something useful and interesting.