During its launch in June 2011, all the internet talked about was the potential of Google+, specially Google+ for brands. But within two months of it’s launch, the hype surrounding the social network plummeted. This info has since misled many businesses and brands to restrict their social media campaigns to other social networking platforms other than Google+.

But what they neglect is, Google+ still connects over 500 million people and draw the second largest follower-base after Facebook. And as Google is the leading search engine, enlisting your brand in Google+ will ensure deeper engagement, better discovery, thus resulting in increased marketing performance across the web. So in this article we will dig deep and find out the basic strategies and best practices on Google+ for brands.

google+ for brands

Now that you have created your brand specific page on Google+, the next step is to get it verified. Then you should get your custom URL, by enabling social extensions within AdWords. And finally add a Google+ badge to your site. Badges make it easy for visitors to discover and engage with you brand with a click of a button. You should also provide Google+ icon on your brand’s website, to make sharing your website’s content on Google+ comfortable. Also, you should chalk down your to-do list and plan accordingly to provide structure to your campaign on Google+.


Sharing unique content is a great way of attracting a new set of audience and hence increase your fan base. Sharing exclusive content increases your social presence and makes your brand much more enticing. So if you want to strike the right chords, you should share content that are well perceived by the audience. You should focus on posting rich media content, the likes of beautiful photos, descriptive charts, inspiring videos and infographics. Also, there is no compulsion that the posts that you share should necessarily be regarding your brand. You can even share posts that relate to the core product or service that you cater. If yours is a restaurant chain, you can share posts regarding the health benefits of protein.

Google+ not only restricts your reach towards the audience for merely sharing content, but it also provides you the opportunity to showcase latest promotions and flaunt future offers. Such methods enhance your brand’s awareness among the masses and even help attract new customers and subscribers.


Selecting the right target audience and niche are paramount while you are looking for Google+ engagement. If your brand is a well-known Mobile app developing firm, then targeting people who are most interested in the trending fashion won’t make any sense or provide purpose. So you should target communities/groups, mobile apps and tech related communities. Also based on the engagement of different individual and their preferences, you can segregate them into different circles so that you can focus on these target groups with utmost emphasis.


Communities hold immense potential for you and to ensure optimum Google+ engagement. Communities attract like-minded individuals and sharing good quality and informative content would increase your brand’s appeal leaps and bound. You should also pay heed to the frequency and the number of posts you share in these communities. By posting at least 5 posts per day, you would be able to grab the limelight and also earn the following your brand deserves.

But mere sharing posts isn’t enough. As long as you are sharing great material among the community members, you should make sure that you respond in kind as well. You should try your level best and strive to reply to comments directed towards your brand. Answer their queries, spark new discussions to increase engagement with public, thank your supporters and also +1 their comments or posts to show your inclination towards them. It will not only instill trust and result in better bonding, but also encourage your readers to re-share and re-post your content on their personal Google+ page too.

In a nutshell, the best practices on Google+ for brands is to plan your campaigns and provide original and attractive content that lures and benefits people at the same time. Sharing multimedia and informatics related to your brand is a great way of getting started. You can also exploit the use of hashtags to accumulate further your posts’ reach. For example, on the occasion of World Donut Day, you can include #donut, to increase your posts’ reach as it would be one of the trending topics of the day. Apart from that, sharing contents regularly on related communities are extremely useful for your brand. Not only does it make you brand popular among the community members, but also shows up in Google search result, improving your site’s ranking. Conversing with your audience, by replying to their comments promotes Google+ engagement and inspires them to participate in your future posts as well. But if you want to go an extra mile, you can schedule a public Hangout for a particular duration to chat live with your audience and answer their queries, request and grievances. If done properly Google+ would propel you brand’s reach and prove to be an incredibly potent platform for digital marketing.

Let us know your thoughts and techniques of how useful is Google+ for brands like yours.