Does your Facebook page have a personality or is it just like any other faceless entity? You can quickly add some color and character to your Facebook page with some wonderful Facebook page templates. This is all the more important if you are selling any product or services through Facebook. Crafting a Facebook page is a simple process. Here are five fabulous sites that offer free Facebook page templates. You can use them to drum up a beautiful face of your business. Note that these templates can be tweaked to suit specific requirements.

1. Supreme Facebook Timeline Template

Here you will find unique and wonderful templates which can be configured easily and have been created to be fully customizable. These templates can be put to use in a few minutes. The numerous features of Facebook fan templates are surprisingly easy to alter and modify to suit your personality. They combine usability with features such as functional image sliders, incorporation of youtube and image gallery, something for audio like mp3 audio controller map and of course the contact form. In addition, these Facebook pages have a great Timeline cover, provision for profile picture and tab image.

2. Free Facebook page downloads

Here is a fabulous collection of free Facebook page templates. Firstly, these templates are theme specific and you can pick up one without any hesitation and upload to your account on Facebook. These are targeted at businesses and professionals who want to jazz up their Facebook look and feel. Easily downloadable and simplified installation process makes it a good choice for Facebook fan pages. It’s definitely a worthwhile place to search for a perfect face.

3. Fifty great Facebook templates

Did you claim that Facebook pages are a great way to showcase your products and services? Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of Facebook users who have created or built their unique personality on Facebook using simple yet amazing pages. You must never undervalue the power of presentation. Businesses using Facebook pages are definitely at an advantage compared to others who get along with staid and tired look. Moreover, customized pages can incorporate and organize information in a logical and attractive manner.

4. Facebook page for every mood and occasion

This is a fantastic website which offers contemporary and distinctive Facebook pages which you would be proud to use for any occasion.

The various categories you can choose from are Business & Services, Music entertainment, online-shop, restaurant-hospitality, photography, creative-arts, Design retail-fashion and personal. These are sufficient to cover every mood and desire of artists embarking in their quest for the perfect Facebook page.


5. Seven free FBML design template resources

Giving your Facebook page a creative edge has never been so easy. This website provides an elegant shortcut to creating perfect FBML pages. All the seven templates are highly attractive and ideal as Facebook pages. These pages can be modified and changed to suit specific requirements.


These five Fabulous Sites offer Free Facebook Page Templates which can be used to create a fantastic, strikingly attractive Facebook Page for your business.