Social media is an incredibly powerful platform for marketing your business or website. Given the daily number of unique visitors on all social networking sites, marketing your business to the right target audience can provide an immense boost to your popularity as well as the reach.

But that doesn’t mean that you should publicize and sell your product on any social networking platform available. Your aim should be to focus on a selected few platforms that can relate to your business. This will provide impetus to your cause and connect you with the right kind of people. In case you choose the wrong platform, you will end up selling ice to the Eskimos.

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So without further ado let’s find out the measures by which you can track down the right audience for your brand on various social media.

  • Picking the right platformsocial-media-580301_640

    This is the first step before you start showcasing your brand to the audience on a social network. You need to find out the very essence and theme of your brand and select the social platform accordingly. If yours is a brand that caters to services for other business and is driven by other working professionals, LinkedIn would be the platform of your choice. On the other hand, if your brand can be closely associated with fashion, latest trend and entertainment, Facebook, Twitter would the safest bet.

  • Targeting by content
    The type of content you share too has a lot of significances. For platforms, the likes of Instagram and Facebook, the content is visual and mostly in the form of images or video. While on Blogger and Google Plus, written and multimedia content is provided the similar preference.
  • A consistent brand voice
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    The voice of your brand can singlehandedly decide the response of the audience and how well your product will be perceived by the general masses. In spite of such high-stakes, you need to make sure that your voice as a brand is as bold and straightforward as it gets. It should be polite yet, loud enough to make a statement and stand out from the rest of the brands out there.
  • Interacting with your audience businessmen-786065_640

    If the reason for your presence on various social networking sites is to find the target audience, you should respond in kind by interacting with them. This strengthens your brand’s presence and attracts further attention. If you keep mum and refrain from any interaction, all the response from your public would turn into a monolog and it won’t take much time before they stop responding and following you on any social media.

  • Identifying key influencers
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    Let’s say you are a brand closely associated with modern electronics. And you tend to follow Tesla & Space X CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. Once in a blue moon you comment or re-tweet one of his tweets or tag him in yours. In this way your brand would be visible to his 2 million followers and might also attract the right audience towards your brand. You never know you might even hit the jackpot, in case Mr. Musk re-tweets your tweets or mentions you in one of his.
  • Using Analytics
    You can find a number of different analytics tools pertaining to various social media sites that will not only guide you in choosing the right audience for your brand, but also provide vital statistics which would be helpful in your social media campaigns.

To sum up in a few words, finding the right target audience on a social networking platform is a crucial step in letting the word out about your brand. If you can find the right audience and can create a good bond by regular updates and frequent interactions, you would be able to engage them with your product. Thus by engagement your audience would help in the mouth to mouth publicity of your brand thus aiding you to expand further your network.

You can utilize many different analytic tools present in the market to track the right set of audience spanning over various social media networks. You can even take the aid of key influencers or ask them to use your services, as it would help in creating a lot of traction among their followers. Thus, if your brand is publicized on the right platform, in the right way to the right target audience you would surely be able to hit the jackpot and flaunt a great fan following & support from the masses.

So, what is your way of finding the target audience?

Let us know in the comments section.