There can be no doubt that individuals and corporates are both using social media for recognition, reputation social mediabuilding, making friends and engaging customers. However, the line between effective communication and mere chatter is somewhat blurred due to the hype surrounding social media. You tend to forget that relationships are built around human beings. There is a school of thought which professes that social media interactions need not have a human element. In the following few paragraphs we will look at various aspects of social media interaction and how human element can add a new dimension to the online relationships.

Effective communication is essentially human to human interaction

The Bible emphasizes that at the beginning there was word. The essence of this message is that communities, businesses and tribes are built around effective communication. No doubt, social media is now an automated platform which can spew hundreds of messages. But are these sound bites meaningful? Do we, as real people, in flesh and blood, react to these informal and indeed antiseptic messages? Are the Tweets which we regularly launch into an unsuspecting audience fetching a proper response? Indeed not. You will notice that Tweets which go viral have always got a human element attached to them. No one wants to talk to a machine or a computer. All of us are looking for warmth among the cold syllables within Tweets.

Creating a one to one communication channel

The truth of the matter is that human being like to talk to another of their ilk. The message is clear – your social media campaign should embrace a human element. Your Tweets must come from a human tongue. The personality of the person engaging others, may they be customers, clients, friends or employees, must come across as a warm living entity. If you can dove tail your business message with a human heart, your marketing strategy would be a thumping success.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

In the hustle and bustle of social media we tend to forget that people matter and consumer is king. We are so wrapped up in creating high concept social media campaigns that we always shoot the messenger. What we are finally left with are remnants of the 140 characters. Here we are not dumbing down the effectiveness of social media, nor are we calling for the return of good old days when people shouted from pulpits to attract attention. We are in fact calling attention to the fact that social media engagements can be more effective if we take human element into consideration.

Social Media And Business Communication

There can be no two opinion that social media is playing a large role in business communication. Informal channels like Facebook and Twitter have made vast inroads into traditional marketing. But social media as a standalone tool falls way below expectations unless it is accompanied by a human soul.


There can be no doubt that social media campaigns can be made more effective when human element is added to the message. You can create powerful social media messages if you speak the language of mortals.