flat business marketing research concept and people on social network connection for online business.

One of the biggest advantages of using social media is the fact that it provides you with multiple platforms to get to know your audience really well, and depending on your strategy, it’s free in the most basic sense.

If you’d like to join some of the top brands utilising the different social platforms at their disposal to analyse their audience and to amplify their brand, we’re here to help. Here are some of the most important dos and don’t s for using social media for market research.

DON’T approach it to ‘just see what you find’

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to attempting market research via social media is to go at it with an approach and outlook that is too broad to be of much use to your goals. Instead of just tackling it with a ‘let’s see what happens’ approach, you should set goals and objectives for what you want to achieve, and what you want to discover about your audience.

DON’T try to measure absolutely everything

Likewise, it can be tempting to use social media research to measure loads of different things, and to meet lots of different research objectives. However, this will also mean that your research is too broad, and therefore won’t really give you any groundbreaking, real-world insights. Instead, use it to test hypotheses and see if you can build on learnings you’ve already discovered.

DO make sure you have enough time to fully analyse the findings effectively

Your research will always only be as good as the time you spend analysing the data and findings, and of course, actually putting these results into practice and using them. Make sure you always have resource and budget for after the research has been done so you can utilise the findings as effectively as possible.

DO use social media research alongside other forms of research

Social media is great as consumers today are likely to be active on at least one channel, so you’re likely to find some interesting insights about your audience from at least one of these. However, you should also remember that social media might not be the main form of communication for your customers, so it’s always worthwhile thinking about what other platforms you can conduct research on as well as purely social.

DO refocus and revisit

It can be easy to get slightly discouraged if your research doesn’t reveal the findings you’d been expecting. However, this is perfectly normal, and can actually put you in an interesting position that you didn’t expect to be in. Regroup, refocus and revisit your studies, and see what you have learnt, and what you can learn next from your data.