Where ever you are, make the most of it with this free app – Foursquare. With foursquare, you can save all the places where you have been as well as share them wifoursquareth your pals and let them know about it. Plus, when you’re looking for encouragement for what to do next, foursquare gives you modified and tailor made references and deals based on where you, your friends, and people with similar interests have been.

You can download this app on your phone and register to get started.

Foursquare tips for getting the most out of the app:
1. Add friends
To make the most of Foursquare, your friends need to be in on the action. This way, you can use this app to meet, share tips, and find different things to do with when you have nothing else planned. Also, make sure that you don’t add people you don’t know as; Foursquare friends can see your GPS location. So, you are inviting a host of potential strangers to meet up with you every time you check in somewhere.

2. Complete your profile
To become a mayor of a venue (the user who checks in the utmost in the past two months carries this title), you must have a profile pic and a profile.

3. Add Shouts to Your Check ins
Don’t only tag yourself in different spots around the city; keep your friends by your side by adding short messages, or shouts. You can use these to let people know they’re invited to join you at your decided place.

4. Leave Tips and Build Your Top 12 List
After you have added new friends, you may notice messages popping up when you check in at or near venues your pals have been to. Those are the tips and suggestions your friends have left behind. Carry them forward by leaving tips yourself. This not only enhances the day-to-day experience, but helps you build your own personal top 12 list.

5. Manage Your Push Notifications
If you use Foursquare on an iPhone, you can get pinged – without getting an SMS charge from your carrier – whenever a friend checks in or shouts. To further manage those pings, Foursquare lets you configure ping settings for individual friends at foursquare.com/manage friends

People are now using their phones to connect with businesses and brands more than ever. Foursquare for business helps you to connect to more people who share the same likes as you by taking proper control over your listings. These consumers check in at local businesses or stores to tell their added pals where they like to go. They tend to leave brief tips and suggestions as well as photos at their favourite places. This can help your business by listening to what your customers are saying and use Foursquare tools to join the conversation for further improvements.