All great social media professionals and marketers know that a good social media strategy requires winning content. However, as well as what you’re saying, it’s also vital now that you’re thinking about what you’re showing, and how your social media actually looks in terms of visuals.

Images are now a HUGE part of a successful social media strategy; just look at the rise of channels like Instagram and Pinterest. People like beautiful, eye-catching visuals…so how do you create them and implement them into your strategy?

Keep the look and feel consistent

Your images on social media (particularly on channels such as Instagram) should be recognisable and distinctive; they should have a running theme through them, such as the use of filters and borders, or logos etc. Keep them consistent to build up a brand identity.

Get some great original content

Armed with a camera, your social media manager or assistant should aim to create a plethora of enticing and original images that you can post alongside your content, or that acts as the main part of the post in its own right. You won’t want to keep using others’ images, so it’s important you get your own.

Use other images – carefully and responsibly

However, particularly when you’re referencing directly to a product/person/piece of design etc, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to post a photo of the thing you’re talking about, and that’s absolutely fine. However, you will need to ensure you have the permission to do so, or that you’re sourcing it correctly to its owner.

Make sure they’re optimised for each channel

Images appear differently on the different social channels, so if you’re serious about using great imagery, it’s important you recognise how to make them look great on each of your pages. For example, images on Facebook and Twitter are rectangular, but on Instagram they are square (though they have changed this, they do still tend to look better square).

Image quotes work wonders

People love digestible, eye-catching quote imagery… it just works! Find a great quote that inspires you or your team and make it into a beautiful photo to push out on your channels. This is a really easy and quick piece of content that can be surprisingly engaging and successful.

Use imagery to show life at your business

Imagery is the best way to showcase life at your business, and the faces behind your brand. Therefore get snapping at the office to offer your followers and clients a –‘behind the scenes’ look into life where you work. This is a great way to humanise your business.