LinkedIn is a really unique social media platform that allows professionals and businesses to connect with each other, as well as making useful connections with easy access to industry and thought leaders.

It’s also the ideal platform to showcase your own business or professional profile as thought leaders, and you can do this through informative, interesting, relevant and news-worthy posts. Posting regularly is really important, as is creating the winning formula to craft those perfect posts. We’ve come up with a strategy for how you can do just that, to help your company or you as an individual to get the most from your LinkedIn presence.

Writing your status

What you write about will depend entirely on your industry and interests, and it should be a good mix of relevant industry news and insights and news about your business and work. You should aim to keep the posts fairly short in length so that they’re concise and to the point, for optimum engagement.

Include a link

Including a link in your LinkedIn posts will see your engagement rates soar, as you’re actually providing your audience with further reading and information on the thing that you’re posting about. It’s also the best way to ensure you’ve sourced any references fully and properly, too.

Including eye-catching imagery

Again, posts with an eye-catching, interesting image always improve engagement rates, even on LinkedIn. They’re the best way to help your posts stand out on your followers’ timelines, so you should aim to include one with everything you post. There is now the option to upload your own and a new thumbnail for articles you’re sharing, too, if you don’t feel they’re strong enough.

Calls to action

Increase audience interaction with your posts by giving them something to do. Whether you’d like a response/comment from them in the comments box, you’d like them to click the link to read more, or you’d like them to get in touch, including these calls to action in your posts is a better way to increase your chances of actually getting the action you require. Asking opinions of your followers is a great tactic, too.

Engaging with your audience

It’s also really important that when a follower responds to your articles and posts, that you’re taking the time to respond to them in the comments. This not only keeps the conversation going, and thus increases your engagement rate, but it also shows that you’re active with your online community, and that you are interested in what your followers have to say.

Tailoring your content

You can also experiment with LinkedIn insight tools to evaluate the success rate of your content so that you can start to optimise your posts for your audience. You can also do this using LinkedIn advertising, which will push your posts out to a wider, tailored audience.