Social media background

In some marketing companies, it seems that marketing professionals are often competing with each other with a push to make their main channel the main focus of the marketing or campaign strategy. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Today however, the user has more of an impact on the strategy than ever. Users expect channels to work in harmony with each other, to bring the right info, news, updates and offers to the forefront, so they can be found with ease. So, how can you make your email marketing strategy work with your social media one?

1. Incentivise reasons to connect across channels

Generally speaking, when asking people to sign up to your email newsletter it’s a great idea to give them an incentive to do so. This can be things like being entered into a prize draw, or receiving a discount code for your first purchase. These are great ways of rewarding users for parting with their personal information. You can promote these incentives across social, which can be a huge email driver.

2. Carefully brand your emails with social links

A strong way to link your strategies is to keep the branding consistent in terms of tone of voice, formatting and logos. Another good way is to add all of your social buttons to each newsletter with links to the respective pages, so that people can click through to your different channels. You should also make it easy for people to share your newsletter via social media too.

3. Use social to drive new sign-ups to your emails

As mentioned in point one, social can be a great way to advertise the fact you have a newsletter, and to promote some of the reasons as to why followers should sign up to receive them. You can share sneak peeks and snippets of your email newsletter on your social channels so that people know what to expect, too.

4. Use your email stats to target your audience on social

Email stats are great as they can be really in depth and will show you the types of content that your audience is engaging with. This can be really useful for taking your targeting on your social posts even further, as they’re likely to be much more specific than those on social.

5. Make sure your emails are optimised for mobile and iPads

We know now that more and more users are engaging with social media on the go, so it’s important that you’re taking this idea further and making the most of it when it comes to email marketing. This means that you’ll need to triple check your emails are optimised for mobile and iPads so that your followers are getting the best experience when engaging with your content as possible.