Social Media

5 09, 2016

A Guide to Social Media Following: its importance, and how to increase it

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00September 5th, 2016|

When looking to amplify your social media strategy, a metric many focus on is following. After all, numbers are easily identifiable, easy to analyse and demonstrate growth to suggest whether or not your strategy is working or not. However, there are more benefits to growing your following than just some impressive numbers to show. These [...]

1 09, 2016

Top tips for De-Cluttering your Social Media Pages

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If you’re aiming to grow your business or brand, social media is a great way to help you do this. As soon as you get a secure, effective strategy in place, you’re likely to see fantastic rewards for all your hard work. Social media takes a lot of time, effort and attention. If you’ve taken [...]

30 08, 2016

The Best ways to use Facebook’s Live Videos

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00August 30th, 2016|

Video is great as part of your social media or marketing campaign, and Facebook is putting more and more emphasis on video content, so is upping its game in terms of ways you can post. A new major update is the addition of live videos, allowing you to post as and when important things happen [...]

25 08, 2016

Why does your Brand need to be active on Instagram?

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00August 25th, 2016|

Instagram is one of those rare phenomena’s that are absolutely unavoidable every time you connect to the web at the moment. Whether it’s your friends posting the contents of their lunch, to your annoying co-worker sharing their latest holiday snaps, everyone and anyone are Instagramming like crazy. So naturally, brands have taken note of this, [...]

15 08, 2016

A Guide to Generating Business Leads using Social Media

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00August 15th, 2016|

It might not surprise you, but it’s estimated that today, 8 out of 10 small businesses use social media to drive growth, raise awareness and to connect with their audience and customers. Social media is a great advertising and marketing tool at your disposal, and if used to its optimum level, can be a great [...]

11 08, 2016

A guide to help you grow your Instagram Following

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00August 11th, 2016|

Whether you’re a blogger, social media professional or just an Instagram advocate, growing your following on this visual, popular platform is no doubt a big ambition. After all, it helps you to get your name and your business out there to a wider audience, and it helps to start establishing your brand through strong, visual [...]

9 08, 2016

Instagram Stories: what’s the buzz about?

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00August 9th, 2016|

You’ve no doubt heard the news that Instagram have launched (another) new feature – Instagram Stories. They’ve only been around for a day but they are already causing a social media storm, namely because they function so much like Snapchat Stories. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s the low down. What are they? When [...]

4 08, 2016

What NOT to share on Social Media

By |2019-03-19T10:19:25-05:00August 4th, 2016|

There are countless articles out there that detail what you should post on social media channels, and at what time. However, the things that people tend not to talk about is what to avoid posting, and this subject is only ever mentioned as an example when things go horribly wrong for brands or celebrities. Instead [...]

1 08, 2016

How to craft the Perfect Post on LinkedIn

By |2019-03-19T10:19:26-05:00August 1st, 2016|

LinkedIn is a really unique social media platform that allows professionals and businesses to connect with each other, as well as making useful connections with easy access to industry and thought leaders. It’s also the ideal platform to showcase your own business or professional profile as thought leaders, and you can do this through informative, [...]

28 07, 2016

The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of using a Hashtag

By |2019-03-19T10:19:26-05:00July 28th, 2016|

When you’re using social media, after a minute or two, you’ll no doubt be inundated by what feels like millions of hashtags. And it’s no surprise; after all, when used correctly, they can help you greatly expand your audience, join in topical conversations, help you keep track of events, and stand out from the crowd, [...]