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Instagram is one of those rare phenomena’s that are absolutely unavoidable every time you connect to the web at the moment. Whether it’s your friends posting the contents of their lunch, to your annoying co-worker sharing their latest holiday snaps, everyone and anyone are Instagramming like crazy.

So naturally, brands have taken note of this, and what a slice of this success. The ones that haven’t are now wondering what happened. Many are asking the question…why do we need to be active on Instagram? Here are just a few reasons…

Your competitors are

Believe it or not, Instagram has over 500 million monthly users (300 million of those are active daily). The number of active brands on Instagram is increasing every day, with 90% of interbrand’s 100 companies now being active on the platform. So, put simply, if you’re not up there, your competitors could be stealing engagement, following and business from you.

It opens your business up to a whole new consumer

If you’d like to reach out to a whole new audience, Instagram is one of the best platforms to do so, as its audience is still fairly regarded as being a high majority of millennials. In fact, almost half of all millennials in the USA are active on Instagram every day, making it the most popular platform for this target audience. Uniquely, the gender split of users is almost at a 50/50 split, which is really useful to brands.

Engagement rates are forever increasing

Instagram is the social media networking site that sees the highest brand and consumer engagement rate. This may be due to a few main factors, the two strongest being the ease of the platform (it’s really easy to like or respond to a post) and the fact that it’s a highly visual platform, which is so popular in today’s fast-paced world (and particularly with millennials).

Visual content sees the highest success rates

As mentioned above, visual content (imagery and videos) sees the highest levels of engagement rate across all channels at the moment. This is largely why Instagram is so popular, as it is centred around this visual content. This platform gives you the chance to showcase beautiful, eye-catching, relevant industry to your business, such as stylised product imagery, behind-the-scenes images and short, sharp videos to take your followers on a journey of your brand, products or services. You don’t tend to get this level of connection on other channels, so your social media strategy should aim to utilise it fully.