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In a globalized world that is only getting smaller and more connected, it is important for your business to develop an effective public profile on the web. Clients and customers are identifying with a business’s social web presence more than ever, going to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like to find out more about you, support your business, and create a personal relationship between customer and business that has never been there before. When people “like” your page on Facebook, they’re wanting to create a connection and show support, and are promoting your business in the meantime. According to HuffPost Tech findings, 23% of users check Facebook five times or more a day, 34% of marketers generate leads on Twitter, and five million photos are uploaded to Instagram every hour. What are you waiting for?

Getting Started

Promoting yourself via ads on Facebook is one highly effective and easy marketing tool you could put into action in a short amount of time. First you must set up your page. There are many pros to consider when it comes to setting up a Facebook page for your business – the biggest being free advertising. But remember, it is not only free for you, it is free for the other businesses who have integrated themselves on the site. So begin by brainstorming: how will you stand out?

-What makes what you offer better?

-What makes it unique?

-How will you grab people’s attention?

-What do you hope to get out of creating a social presence on the web, and how do you plan on achieving it?

Create a voice-a personality. Create something customers will remember or wish to revisit. You are essentially personifying your brand, and enabling it to create a lasting bond between brand and customer.

Who are you selling to?

Once you have developed your presence within the Facebook community, it costs very little to promote your page via the ads that show up along the side of a Facebook user’s Newsfeed. Also remember that because it is estimated that 60% of Facebook users access the site via their cellphone, the ads on the right do not appear, so it is important to opt to advertise within the newsfeed where these users will be able to see it. With Facebook ad marketing, you can also easily choose whom you wish to target with your ad, what to offer, give them and their Facebook friends the option to “Like” your business straight from the ad, and you can also collect data from them such as email addresses in order to only market towards certain mailing lists if you so desire. There are many options within Facebook marketing that allow you to shape the way you market and who you reach in the most effective way possible for your business.

Set goals, See results

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Think outside the box. Consider using an eye-catching photo or even a video to compel the customer to want to dive further into what your business is all about. Facebook is a highly effective and cheap marketing tool that all small businesses should be taking advantage of. Remember: before you start out, set goals for what you want to achieve through this online marketing, and how you plan to achieve them. Remember to speak to your target audience through your page and ads, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Follow these guidelines, your dreams and objectives, and watch your business goals be met.

The author is an online marketing manager forĀ, a small business in Florida focused on online sales. Opening up to social media enables not only to be sell to people interested in your service, but also making people interested in it.