Video is great as part of your social media or marketing campaign, and Facebook is putting more and more emphasis on video content, so is upping its game in terms of ways you can post. A new major update is the addition of live videos, allowing you to post as and when important things happen in your business.

So, just how do you utilise these to their full potential so that you can increase your reach? Here are some tips for doing just that.

FAQ videos

Are there some questions you find that you get asked a lot about your business or certain members of your team, whether via social media, your website or blog, or just generally when you’re out and about? A great way to answer these is with a simple, FAQ video that takes the format of a ‘talking heads’ style. It’s simple, easy to do, and will be interesting to those followers and customers who regularly engage with you, and want to learn more about you.

Offering a unique insight into your company

Videos are great as they offer a much more in-depth, personalised insight into your company, that you can’t get from a photo or blog post. They’re often much quicker to produce than blog posts too, if you keep them short and simple. You can create really interesting video insights into your team, in the form of things like behind-the-scenes videos, ‘a day in the life of…’ videos, and even slightly more formal ones like snapshots of your meetings or creative brainstorms.

Promoting an upcoming event or product launch

Videos make great promotional content, and you can utilise these to promote an upcoming event or to give sneak peeks into a new product launch. Once you’ve planned the event, create a post to let fans know you have a special announcement to make. Then, share specific details about your event on your live video. When launching a new product or service, for example, if you just received a shipment of a new product, but it’s not yet available on your website, you could use a Live video to tease it to customers.

Show a human side to higher management

Higher management can be humanised using videos, as it will show them in their natural, relaxed environment, and you can showcase them in a fun light, letting their personality show through. This may help them to become more approachable and relatable, allowing people to buy into their personality as well as their skills.