Best Practices for Designing Facebook Pagesfacebook

Facebook is a powerful tool in the business world. It can connect consumers with a large number of businesses and directly improve ROI, but just because you have filled out all the blank spaces with your company information doesn’t mean your business will thrive.

URL Friendly

The amount of times your page is shared can directly correlate to the appearance of the URL you have for your business. People are unimpressed by a URL that looks like this:

Instead, a simple, custom URL is easy to share among friends and much nicer to look at. is an excellent example of a URL that is user friendly. It is easy to remember, and simple to type. If you are in need of instructions on changing your URL, visit this link to find out how.

Graphics that Grab

A Facebook page that is full of content and one tiny picture just doesn’t scream fun and compelling. Use a number of photos along with each Facebook post, on your header and everywhere else you can. Use the maximum allowable dimensions when creating images that represent your business.

Unused Tabs

If you have tabs that have no information on them, remove them. If you have an ‘Events’ tab, but there is nothing on it, it doesn’t send a positive message to users. It appears less than professional, like you haven’t taken the time to fill this section out, even if you know it really is irrelevant to your service.

Drive and Entice

Create a page that makes it easy for users to ‘like’ by enticing people to interact with it. Successful social media campaigns often have an interactive element, like quizzes, polls, contests and many more apps. These can all be added with services such as WildFire App, Constant Contact and many others.

The Reward System

Creating a ‘reveal’ tab holds the carrot out there for users, compelling them to continue navigating around your site and interacting. This means that when they navigate to your page, if they click ‘like,’ additional information about the company will be presented. You can offer coupons, contest entries or draws to a customer when they click ‘like.’

Webpage Address

The only place you are able to place your website address is in your ‘About Us’ section. If you have not already done this, make sure it is present.

Social Media – Unite!

Connect your social media presence on your Facebook page. Let the people know you are on YouTube, Twitter and any other social media sites you can think of. You can find free apps that automatically integrate content from other social media sites onto your Facebook page.

Steve is a Social Media Manager and Google AdWords Certified Individual at TechWyse, an internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Canada. TechWyse specializes in SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. You can read more of Steve’s writing at