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Jumping on current trends is a great way to improve your social media strategy as it shows you’re interested and are in tune with traditions and important milestones. This can be anything from religious holidays, to calendar days, to interesting industry or technology milestones… and everything in between.

We’ve rounded up some of the most effective and popular holidays to use as part of your social media strategy for optimum engagement and visibility.

April Fool’s Day

Though this one can be quite risky, those brands that get creative on the prankster’s favourite holiday can gain a reputation for being creative, innovative, fun and not afraid to bend the rules. If you’re unsure how far is too far to go for this holiday, keep it small and simple. Announcing a new (terrible) logo is a safe bet, as is announcing a new (ridiculous) product or (very unlikely) celebrity endorsement or collaboration.


Again, due to religious implications, some brands tend to steer clear from publishing anything that links with Halloween, but this can be a shame as it’s a good opportunity to get creative (and spooky). ‘Bewitch’ your followers with ‘spellbinding’ offers and promotions for the 31st of October, and give your profile photos and cover photos a spooky filter for the day.

National Selfie Day

Take advantage of one of the world’s most used hashtags – #selfie – and join in the selfie snapping fun on National Selfie Day. Get the whole team together and take a big picture of you all. As well as jumping on a trend, this is a really simple way to show your relevance, and to show the faces behind the brand in your team!

Industry leaders’ birthdays

There are bound to be some key industry figures you and your company admires, and people whose work has greatly influenced what you do, or even simply, your ability to do it. Celebrating their birthdays with a simple photo post or birthday GIF is a great way to pay homage to them, and to show that you’re up to date with the people that made your job possible. You can also celebrate industry and technology milestones in a similar way.

Create your own holiday!

Whether it’s on the anniversary of the launch of your company, the day you secured your first client, or even something completely kooky and random, why not create your own weird and wonderful holiday that’s completely unique to you? You could host a competition to encourage involvement and engagement with your following around your holiday to really generate a social buzz.