Instagram is abeginners guide for instagram photo sharing app which can be used for free. Social media platforms have mushroomed in the past few years. The reason for their phenomenal success is obvious. Instagram has been specifically designed to enable users to share photos and videos using iPhones or Android devises. Lately Instagram has also developed a web version. The huge success of this app can be gauged from the fact that it has been downloaded by fifty million users. Here are a few tips for beginners on how to use Instagram effectively.

Starting With Instagram

Once you have downloaded the Instagram app, the process of installation is very simple. While creating your account you must make use of the ‘about’ section to provide as much information about yourself and the purpose for which you are going to use the app. People use Instagram not only for personal purposes but also to advertise their businesses and to espouse social causes.

Use the option to add friends in order to keep in touch with the ecosystem. Use the popular tab to get the latest information on topics which are hot and happening. You will get automatic notification when someone likes your photos or if there are any updates. Freely like and comment on other photos. There is no better way to make yourself popular on Instagram.

Applying Filters to Instagram Photos
One of the popular aspects of Instagram is that you can apply special filters to your uploaded photos and give that extra smile to your images. This photo touching tool is enormously popular with Instagram users.

Sharing Instagram Images With Other Social Media Sites
One of the limitations of Instagram is that it is meant for mobile devises. This can be a severe shortcoming if you want your messages to be seen by a wider population. But you need not fret over this issue. You can share your magical photos with a wider community by connecting your Instagram account with other social media sites like Facebook and twitter. You must use the hashtag liberally to carry your message across other media. In fact, there are users who have successfully completed social assignments in remote corners of earth and instantly communicated with thousands of followers on a daily basis.

Instagram, A Powerful Tool For Businesses And For Espousing Social Causes
Instagram members have successfully raised millions of dollars for charity and like social causes. It doesn’t take much to advertise about your special campaigns and drives – you only need to click, upload and watch the success of your work. By using Instagram with other social media platform, it’s possible to create an effective media campaign spanning the globe.

Using Instagram for businesses presents huge possibilities. Products such as food, travel, holiday packages, which are essentially sold using visual media, are great topics for Instagram. Combined with other marketing campaigns, Instagram can be an effective channel to sell your products and services.

Beginners can start using Instagram with this simple guide and instructions mentioned above. Now, get your mobile and click a photo. Leave the rest to Instagram.