Facebook has now become more business oriented. It can be your best friend in putting your business out there for everyone to see. Consequently, Facebook ads are becoming more popular for all kinds of businesses.

Facebook for  layman'sWhen it comes to targeting, there are some Facebook ad tips that can help you in discovering the right people – your target audience. You can target effectively under ‘likes and interests’, so that the ads are super-specific. They reach people who would be interested in interacting with you and your brand through your Facebook ads.

Another important Facebook advertising tip is to search for the likes and interests of people that you want to target and add in your prominence list. You can start by doing a general Facebook search of your keywords and see what comes up. You can filter pages, groups, apps, etc. and find relevant options.

Budget tips: For advertising for your brand or company on Facebook, you have facilities such as a Page, Event or App. You select the first radio button (Get More Likes, Increase Attendance, or Get New Users, respectively), and then Facebook does the bidding for you. They optimize your ad with the CPM (cost per mile, which is cost per 1000 impressions) model.

Facebook gives you the tools to filter through people to find that perfect target audience. When the most relevant people are targeted, you’ll set yourself up for a higher CTR (click through rate). A higher CTR means a more successful Facebook ad campaign with a lower CPC (cost per click) cost.

Use the URL of your Facebook page to edit the title of your ad: You can enter the URL of your Facebook Page, which then helps you to edit the headline. The choice of your audience section of Facebook Ads still works the same way as before and is great for reaching out to your perfect customer.

Use Facebook Reports: You can also make use of Facebook ad Reports, which calculate and show all the information about your ad, and use it to analyse how your ad is performing. It lets you know, what is working well for you, and what you need to change. Along with that, you can also view information of the people who are viewing your ad or visiting your website after seeing it. This helps you to improve your targeting.

Test and Run Different Facebook Ads: Try not to start with only one ad. Optimize your ads and find the one that is most successful, you must have different versions of your ads running. To help you understand the working of your ad better, you can make many variations of your ads so that if you notice some aren’t doing well, you can stop them and replace them with other ad variants you’ve already made.