The Challenge – Driving Traffic to your website!

Setting up a website is just the beginning. But the key task is to get relevant customers to visit your site. Social networking can be a boon for online marketing if used correctly. Facebook is the largest and most convenient platform to reach out to potential visitors for your website. Facebook has gone beyond personal profiles and included some handy marketing features. Here are 7 useful tips for driving traffic to your website using Facebook:

1. Create a Facebook page for your website
You can create a ‘page’ for your website. This page allows users to receive regular updates from you once they ‘like’ the page. You can regularly update this page with posts and activities about your website.

2. Use a lot of graphics in your posts
Nothing attracts viewers like visual content. Get creative and visual with pictures, posters, videos, cartoons etc.; lengthy prose and intimidating texts have the risk of going unnoticed. Make your posts attractive and easy to comprehend. Use quotes, taglines and catchphrases; these make the content witty. Superimpose taglines on your graphics to highlight the point. This is a key point for driving traffic to your website.

3. Optimize your posts and links
Ensure that you post correct links that lead the user directly to what he/she seeks. For instance, when advertising a product, paste links of the product description and purchase instead of the website homepage. Be as specific as possible. Always back all your posts with links to any references made in the content.

4. Use Facebook’s ‘Ads’ feature
You can create an ad for your website using this feature. This ad is then promoted by Facebook which features on newsfeeds of other users. This promotion greatly increases your visibility and pays a key role in driving traffic to your website.

5. Post content regularly
It is important to keep posting regularly to sustain the readership you have built over time. Always remain active and visible. Quality should however be maintained amidst the quantity. A lot of websites post interactive content like quizzes, surveys, tutorials to engage and retain visitors.

6. Measure and Analyze
Facebook provides a number of interesting statistics that give you an idea about view counts, audience, post clicks, likes etc. It is easy to understand and is represented graphically. Features like ‘Page Insights’ and ‘Ads Manager’ can be used to see the performance of each post and gauge which audience are being engaged by what.

Driving traffic to your website7. Target your ads
Use business features offered by Facebook that allow you to enter specific audience parameters such as gender, age, location etc. which direct you to your target audience. A focused study will ensure that Facebook users fitting these parameters will see your posts and ads in their new feeds.

This article tells about some some handy check points to get free attention to your website and can be used for driving traffic to your website.