7 Essential Tips To Get Started With DiggDigg is a social media sharing platform which attracts more than two million visitors per month. Though the traffic which Digg attracts is humongous, it’s of no use to you and your business unless you know how to leverage this social platform to your advantage. Here are seven essential tips to get you off the block.

Explore Digg And Get To Know It Intimately
More often than not, we are all in a hurry. Just because Digg is a great platform to get noticed, we start to dig without understanding how it works. Ultimately we never get the best out of it. We must avoid the tendency to use half-digested information and get to know Digg intimately before we start digging.

Dig, Dig and Keep Digging
Once you take off, you must remove all the stops. More you participate on this platform, more you will gain from it. Participation is highly valued on Digg. Get to know people with common interests. You must comment on Diggs liberally and in a positive manner. Always remember that negative remarks are never appreciated while encouragement and positive comments are always reciprocated in kind.

Provide Unique Posts
You should never rehash and reword other posts and call them your own. You will soon be discovered. Try to provide your personal viewpoint on any subject which is both unique and interesting.

Don’t Bore Others With A Constant Stream Of Your Own Digs
Let’s face it – We like to listen to our own voice. It’s fine if you dig, but don’t keep doing it till you bore others to death. Always keep your posts to a minimum so that others wait to read it rather than tearing their hair in sheer frustration.

Share Your Posts On Social Media
Once you have posted on Digg, it’s time to announce your masterpiece to the world. You must get your friends and family to read your post. This will increase its popularity and who knows, one bright sunny day you might find yourself on the main page of Digg. Both Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to share your post on Digg with friends.

Strictly Follow Digg Rules
Every site has its rules and so does Digg. You must adhere to all the rules of the game. Digging your own post multiple times may result in digging your own grave. Digg keeps tabs on all the activities and breaking rules can get you blacklisted.

Keep Your Profile Updated And Complete
Take out that nice photograph of yours (the one with a bright smile) from the cupboard and paste it on your Digg profile. People like to read about people with likeable profiles. You must keep your profile updated and make sure that you look interesting even if you are a bore in real life.

If you keep the seven essential tips in mind, you will take off smoothly on Digg. Digg can be a huge plus in your Internet marketing strategy. Now, it’s time to go and start digging.