etsyEtsy is a beautiful and unique marketplace which enables individual artists and artisans to sell their handmade goods. Obviously, a seller has to present an attractive, captivating and reasonably priced product to the buyers in Etsy. However, Etsy is such an appealing site that buyers are mesmerized by the array of stuff on sale. Here are seven best ways to explore Etsy.

Use Etsy Creatively
If Etsy, by itself, is a distinctive marketplace, it has some very unique ways to find products. The ‘treasuries’ feature is worth a second click. Here you will find items curated and classified by users. There is no special way in which the products are categorized, which means that you will always be pleasantly surprised by what gets thrown up.

Use Pounce To Find Fresh And Undiscovered Items
You are sure to have visited many ecommerce sites and found the same old products displayed in the same old way. This staid and boring display can spoil your shopping mood. Etsy has a solution for exactly such a piquant situation. Just in case you are bored with the usual shops, you can ‘pounce’ and find some new and refreshing shop which have remained hidden till now. ‘Pounce’ can be full of pleasant surprises.

Try The Etsy Apps
Never miss an Etsy app. They are a real pleasure to use. Using these apps you can customize your shopping on Etsy. Of course, Etsy can be used while on the move using mobile apps.

Home Page Goodies
The homepage of Etsy is a treasure trove of goodies. You would like to have a closer look at the featured sellers. If you are an old hand on Etsy, you can click on the ‘You might like’ items. These are based on your past purchases and so you are likely to find something of interest.

Browsing Through The Categories
If you are looking to buy something specific from Etsy, you might as well go through the categories. It’s the easiest way to find what you want. You have a whole bunch of subcategories hiding under the main category. The items have been categorized in a sensible way taking user requirements into consideration.

Good Old Search To The Rescue
If everything else fails to satisfy you, there is always the good old search to fall back upon. In fact, you can cut through the maze by simply typing your requirement.

Random Browsing
It’s like taking a stroll down the street and window shopping. You never know what you might discover. The range of products is so huge that some of them may defy categorization. Remember that Etsy is for art and related products which are handmade. Sometimes great products may slip away and get lost in the maze. Random browsing is a fantastic way to spend time and maybe even get a few ideas for your own product.

Exploring Etsy is like visiting a village fair. The only difference is that here, on Etsy, you will find stuff from all over the world.