There can be no doubt thatthings to avoid social media has become a powerful and indispensable tool for marketing professionals. As it happens with any other medium, we tend to unduly overdo and sometimes underplay its importance. As a result we hamper our brand image on social media. Here are 5 mistakes which we commit while promoting ourselves.

Treating Social Media Interaction as a Mechanical Process
This is the first and foremost mistake we make while interacting on social media. The idea that anything pertaining to software and technology can be automated is the primary misconception. This concept can undo even your best efforts to build your brand online. It is critical that you personally handle all conversations on the net. Human interaction instead of mechanical or canned responses is a must if you want to build reputation on social media. Obviously, your interaction would be limited while you would ideally like to saturate the online media with messages. Overexposure will hurt your images while carefully crafted messages will enhance your reputation on the net.

Providing Inadequate Information
Another mistake which can hurt your image on social media is to provide inadequate information. Many businesses create pseudo or bogus profiles in order to propagate their message. It’s a misguided view if you think that peppering the social media by artificial means would propel you to the top of popularity chart. Leaving your profile blank or providing wrong info can be dangerous. The awareness among the general population is pretty high and fooling people by using underhand tactics can be fatal to your brand and image.

Sending an Incoherent Message Across Social Media Platforms
Most of the businesses have their presence on several social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are a few popular sites. It’s important to convey a uniform and coherent message across all these platforms. A unified and integrated approach is necessary to achieve this objective. Unfortunately many businesses adopt diffused marketing strategy. This mistake can severely hamper your brand image on social media.

Overtly Advertising Your Product
Just because you can bombard readers with umpteen messages on social media doesn’t mean that you have the license to do so. It often happens that loyal followers of a particular brand get fed up with constant updates and remove them from their friends list. This mistake can hurt without you realizing it. You must be careful not to overexpose your brand.

Avoid Dealing with Controversial Issues Head-On
The beauty of social media is that it’s completely democratic. In this scenario, you are likely to get accolades as well as brickbats. Handling complaints and whines of customers is an important part of your social media strategy. Avoiding or skirting controversial issues or sometimes criticizing adverse comments is a huge mistake which can lead to a tarnished brand image on social media. You must be frank and humble while dealing with truant customers.

The above mentioned 5 Mistakes that can hurt your brand on Social Media are not the only ones which you can make. However, taking care of these would go a long way in alleviating the pain.