ATwitter Brand Personality lot of businesses are now resorting to Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites, to develop a brand personality of their own so as to promote their business. If you also want to join the bandwagon, read on

Here are 5 important tips for Twitter that will help you create a niche for your brand –

  1. Choose your Twitter handle carefully

Choose a handle which will help people immediately associate with your brand. You can simply use your company name or can tweak it if necessary – the idea is to make people recognize your brand via the account name itself.

2. Create a social media policy and abide by it

140 characters is all that you have to make and break your brand’s personality in Twitter. Create a social media policy about the number of posts per day, language to be used and the photos to be published at the very beginning.

3. Display logos and tag lines on your Twitter profile page 

A great way of re-enforcing your brand is to incorporate your company logo and slogan in the account.

4. Display your Twitter account links on your website and other social media accounts

Make it easy for your customers to follow you on Twitter by displaying your Twitter account links on your website and as part of your e-mailers (in the signature) too. If you want to have your tweets posted to your Facebook page as well, you can do that too. For more, check out

5. Post content on a regular basis and use different mediums ( text , images , videos)

Post your tweets at regular intervals – your brand will surely get noticed within a short period of time. It will also ensure that the not-so-frequent visitors do not overlook your posts. You should also include photos and videos to your posts from time to time– people might fail to notice texts but they find it hard to ignore photos and videos.


If you still don’t have a Twitter account for your Company, wait no more and create one today. Humanize your brand & post great contents – you will surely develop a great brand personality within a short period of time.