The new and revamped Myspace (not MySpace) is a special space to be in. The new site has a gorgeous look and is innovative to say the least. Here are 5 things you must do to kick start your Myspace account.

MyspaceComplete your Profile
Of course there is no need to emphasize this, you may say. But the profile on Myspace is a bit different. Keeping information about yourself may be sometimes prudent but here it won’t get you anywhere. Myspace has always attracted musicians and photographers. You must upload your portfolio of music albums and photos here in your profile. You can add gifs, mixes, songs and videos. This will be accessible to all your friends and followers. The user interface in the new Myspace is astounding and specially designed for creative people.

It’s music all the way
You may well ask why you should be on Myspace in the first place. Isn’t Facebook enough? These questions get instantly clarified once you visit Myspace. In fact, Facebook attracts a whole lot of audience irrespective of their taste and preferences. It also attracts the largest number of visitors. On the other hand, Myspace is specifically designed for music lovers. You can upload music, create music albums and set a release date for your album. You can also have your very own radio station with your best collection of songs. Creating mixes is a fantastic tool inside Myspace. You simply have to choose the create mix option and start mixing. You can even add a cover image for the mix. You can either let everyone listen to your mix or choose to keep it a secret (if you are the shy type).

Adding friends and followers
Remember that Myspace is a social media platform. The excitement and joy lies in sharing your thoughts with friends, followers, the boy next door or that special gal in your life.

Discovering people and Music
The thrill of any human effort is to discover, meet and befriend people. In Myspace you can give vent to your feelings. The search feature needs no explanation. You can select ‘People’ under the discover menu and you are all set to go. Remember that Myspace is essentially for music lovers. There is a huge cache of music to be discovered here. You can even tune to music stations and listen to your favorite reggae or pop or country.

Embedding videos and music
One of the nifty apps in Myspace allows you to embed your song, album or video right into Facebook. This app is of great help to music lovers and musicians waiting to be discovered. You only have to install the app in your Facebook fan page. The app is pretty simple to use and you can quickly master it.

Myspace is a haunt for music lovers. It’s different from other social media sites and worth an ear. Once you get hooked you can do the above five things to kick start your Myspace account.