Blink and you might miss an update in the world of social media. And if you do miss something, you’re potentially missing an opportunity to connect with your audience, reach out to potential new customers and to beat your competitors in doing so. So here is our top take on five of the biggest things that happened in the world of social media this week.

1. Facebook releases 2016 in Review video

Whether it’s been a year to remember, or one you’re looking forward to seeing the back off, Facebook is bringing together the most significant moments of the past 12 months in a short, visual video. The videos highlight ‘the most talked about global topics’ in its annual ‘Year in Review’ list. Topics range from world politics and major sporting events to the deaths of celebrities. For the first time, Facebook also shared the top 10 global Live videos in 2016 as measured by total cumulative views.

2. Twitter and Google Deliver Local Search Results with an Emoji

Millennials rejoice at Twitter’s latest update – a feature than enables users to tweet an emoji to Google’s official Twitter account in order to receive local search results. For example, you could tweet a burger emoji and be greeted with results for great local burger joints in your area. Users must have location services enabled for this service to work because all replies are localised based on where you’re tweeting.

3. Pinterest Introduces Tried-and-True Ideas Feature

You no longer have to trawl through Pinterest staring longingly at incredible recipes and DIY projects wondering whether they’re actually attainable thanks to the pinning platform’s latest update. They’ve introduced a Tried-and-True ideas feature, in the form of a new green smile icon shows you which ideas “people have already tried and given their stamp of approval” and how many other pinners have tried it.

4. Facebook Adds Horizontal Scrolling and Previews Future Improvement for Instant Articles

This week, Facebook announced that their ‘Instant Articles will feature a new, full-screen horizontal swipe that leads to a carousel of more stories from the same publisher’ which will make for a seamless and intuitive discovery experience.

5. New Instagram Features Improve Engagement and Moderation for Comments

A huge focus of the photo sharing platform in the past few months is making the channel a safer and more welcoming environment for all of its users. With that in mind, Instagram have added a number of new features to their offering to support this. They include; comment control features, the ability to remove followers from private accounts and anonymous reporting for self-injury accounts. They are also working on a way for you to turn off comments for a post, similarly to the way YouTube allows users to do with certain videos.