Pinterest is an infographics social media site which attracts more than a million unique visitors each day. Obviously this kind of traffic is highly sought by marketing people to advertise their wares. However, to be successful on Pinterest you must follow certain method. Here are 5 simple ways to market your business on Pinterest.

Have a plan – don’t just pin randomly
This is perhaps the most important factor contributing towards an effective marketing campaign on Pinterest. Often, many of the users believe that creating a great profile and then randomly pinning their images would do the trick. Nothing can be far from the truth. If you pin your hopes on random images, you are in the wrong club. Here, you have to find out, explore or research what works and what doesn’t. For this you must first spend a few days on Pinterest without bothering about results and your own social media campaign. Once you understand the dynamics of this site, you will automatically come up with a plan – a marketing plan which would work.

Participate actively on the Pinterest platform
As you sow, so do you reap. Some of the marketers don’t understand this simple principle. If you go on pinning your images without bothering about others, no one will bother with you – even if your art resembles Mona Lisa. You must participate and engage others. This is only possible if you comment on the images of other members. You must take active interest in others which will in turn compel them to look at your stuff. Remember that you must be genuine and your comments must be meaningful. Never try to fib – you will be caught and your fakeness will be exposed. You must take real interest to be successful on Pinterest.

Let people know that you have something interesting to show
Don’t wink in the dark. Let others know that you have some great work which they would be interested in. Now that you have taken active interest in other pins on Pinterest, you have a big fan following. Let them know whenever you have a pin for them. If you can grab the attention of even a few thousand visitors, your work is done.

Share your pins on their social media sites
Integration is the latest buzzword. Don’t just pin your images on Pinterest and wait for success. You must be having accounts on other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Let others on these sites know about your pins. These activities will not only help in getting your Pinterest account take off, but it will also create a buzz on other social sites. This will have a Ping-Pong effect and give momentum to your social media marketing effort.

Always keep your focus
It’s easy to get carried away while using Pinterest to promote your activities. Sometimes, you may pin irrelevant stuff which may put off your usual visitors. You must maintain focus so that your circle of friends and users know what they would get when they view your pins.

You must participate actively and interact with others on Pinterest. If you follow the five simple steps, you will be able to effectively market your business.