Instagram has sudden Benefits of Instagrambecome a popular hangout for businesses and for good reason. Instagram is a photo sharing application which can be used either with Android or iPhones. The advantage of using mobile devices is that the message is sent instantaneously. Obviously, Instagram has been a huge hit with a customer base of more than fifty million and growing at a fantastic rate. Here are five benefits of using Instagram for businesses.

Create impressive online catalog

Instagram provides an excellent medium for creating great photo catalogs. Those in travel and holiday industry have used Instagram to relay hot and happening images to their customers. For example, a photograph of a warm and sunny day on the beaches of Carrabin can be instantaneously transmitted through Instagram. Restaurant owners and chefs can directly send images and videos of their hot recipes to their patrons. It’s in fact a great way to interact with clients using this visual medium.

Use Instagram for product launches
Instagram can give a big boost to businesses that depend on selling images and visually appealing products. Product launches can be dull and boring if they are bereft of color. Instagram provides an excellent platform for product launches by which you can transmit videos and images of demos, roundup of technical features and general look and feel. An image is worth a thousand words. And if accompanied with powerful text, images can be worth a lot more. This opportunity has been grabbed by businesses worldwide that have successfully launched products with the use of Instagram accompanied by other channels.

Share user experience
Positive feedback and useful user experience can boost sales of products which are technically complex and need expertise. One of the ways to share user experience is to transmit images and videos during product demo. But more than anything else, a spontaneous reaction from customers when they use your product can send a powerful message. For this you must engage your customers and encourage them to share photographs with others. One of the ways to do this would be to have contests and by giving away attractive prizes.

Create vibrant Social Network
By itself, Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses. However if you combine the power of Instagram with other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can create a massive promotion campaign. Remember that Instagram is essentially for the mobile platform and therefore it has inherent limitations. By combining your promotion with other social sites, you can overcome this limitation. A vibrant social network would result in better sales and positive brand image.

Instagram For Transmitting Live Images
Businesses often participate in trade shows and promotional events. Here there is an acute need to send images and videos to prospective visitors. This can be effectively accomplished using Instagram. With a huge user base, most mobile users have Instagram installed in their devices.

These are a few benefits of using Instagram for businesses. There are numerous other ways in which you can use Instagram innovatively to boost your business.