Social Media Marketing

Staying up to date with the most important things that are happening in the world of social media can be tough, so we’ve put together a round up of four of the most important updates that happened this week, that you need to be aware of.

1. Instagram Adds Boomerang, Mention Tags, and Links to Instagram Stories

Possibly the biggest and most exciting change this week was seen on Instagram – a channel that seems to be growing and changing by the week. The platform introduced two new tools ‘to help you make your story even more fun, Boomerang and mentions,’ and they also announced that it’s even starting ‘to test links inside some stories.’ Boomerang, a video-making app with a difference, can be selected as an additional format option under the ‘Record’ button. Boomerang records and stitches together ‘a burst of photos into a mini video that plays forward and backward’, and it’s particularly popular with young millennials. Users are also now able to tag and mention people in stories, just as they can do in Instagram captions and comments.

2. Pinterest Simplifies Notifications Features and Inbox

This week, Pinterest announced that ‘the place you go to check your Pinterest notifications and messages just got a whole lot simpler’. This means that they have ‘removed the ‘You’ tab and moved all the notifications [Pinners] used to find there over to your ‘News’ tab.’ The visual platform has also combined the notifications themselves so all personalised recommendations and alerts are now consolidated into one story that you can tap into for more info.

3. Facebook Rolls Out Prisma Art Filters to Facebook Live

An exciting update to the Prisma app (a photo editing app) now allows its users to start broadcasting via Facebook, with the option to apply one of 8 Prisma filters to their live streams. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is currently limited to only iPhone 6S and 7, due to the fact that applying the filters to video live takes a lot of processing power, and only newer phones can handle this.

4. Twitter Updates Twitter for Android

The Twitter app for Android 7.0 received an update, which features app shortcuts like the ability to tweet and send direct messages straight from the Android home screen, without having to navigate to somewhere else first. The update also includes multi-window support, which enables users to scroll through their Twitter timeline, reply to mentions, search for trending topics and also watch GIFs while using another app at the same time. This new app is being rolled out now to all compatible Android devices.