A successful social media campaign can be a great way to catapult a brand and generate tech PR provided they are carried out effectively and with some degree of innovation. Here are a couple of instances where brands managed to capitalize on the medium with a large degree of success.

One tweet by KFC generates a 20% increase in followers

KFC decided to offer a scholarship to a deserving applicant on the basis of a single 140 character tweet, where the hopefuls would try and convince KFC why they were worthy. This story became an media sensation both online and offline, and was covered extensively by news channels on TV. Nearly 3000 people tweeted for a chance to win and KFC managed to increase their twitter following by twenty percent. The winning tweet came from seventeen year old Amanda Russel who wrote “Hey Colonel! Your scholarship’s the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash!”

Old Spice muscle music raises brand awareness

Old spice has produced a number of quirky advertising videos that have gone viral, with one of the most effective being where they had ex American football player Terry Crews star in an interactive video. After watching a video of Terry play music by flexing his muscles, viewers were allowed to have their own go creating a tune, controlling his music playing muscles using their own keyboard. This fun and games had little to do with the Old Spice grooming products but did much to raise brand awareness and tech PR, with over eight million people watching the video on Vimeo. Sales of their products have reportedly increased on a regular basis ever since the beginning of their campaign.

GAP team up with Groupon

In an unusual step for Groupon, which is usually known for providing publicity for lesser well-known brands, they partnered with GAP, the major clothing brand to give users a nationwide fifty percent discount off a purchase of fifty dollars. In only one day when the deal was live they managed to sell nearly half a million of these deals. GAP used the deal to reach new audiences and engage users online. They also went further, running deals with another social platform called foursquare offering discounts as well. Some commentators still question whether GAP really needed the extra publicity and Tech PR, as they were already a well established brand – however it could easily be argued that the engagement with users allowed them to stay prominent and relevant was worthwhile.

Tourism Queensland offer the best job in the world

The Australian tourist board came up with a way of promoting the great barrier reef as a tourist destination by advertising what it claimed was the best job in the world – house sitting the islands for half a year, complete with a large salary and free lodging in a mansion. After promoting the job across various social media channels and various tech PR outlets, the campaign was a great success, with an estimated 200 million dollar value in global publicity.

Eilidh MacRae works for Eclat a tech PR agency.