In the world of social media, if you stop learning you die. Period.

With the ever dynamic social media field, it’s too simple to left behind. The most convenient way to gather up insights about what is new in social media is to scan through the industry blogs. They are a sensible place of knowledge as well as some inspiration to try and do something new or perhaps write a new blog, like this one.

We did some analysis and located out twenty five social media blogs that will undoubtedly assist you learn something new or spark new thoughts in your minds.

NOTE: The list is created in no specific order.

Here are the 25 Must Read Social Media Blogs

  1. Social Media Examiner: This web site provides exceptionally well analyzed and written articles. Their virtual event, Social Media Success Summit has garnered immense followings. Additionally, if you would like to get something done on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platforms, then this is place to look for.
  2. HubSpot: Another outstanding web log with quality content. The blog articles and white paper set the standard for content marketing as being in the business for more years than most of the blogs here has helped them gain expertise on the subject.
  3. Mashable: Mashable is essentially a news web site with fascinating stories that you just couldn’t find anyplace. Besides that their social tab is continuously updated and provides information on helpful topics.
  4. QuickSprout: QuickSprout is one such weblog, where the owner, Neil Patel brazenly shares articles on social media techniques that he has implemented over the years. Neil Patel shares personal achievements and failures in a very detailed manner. His blogs are typically over 2000 words, however, quite informative and attention-grabbing.
  5. Social Media Explorer: As the name suggests, this site investigates topics about social media and then come up with tips, techniques or even solutions to certain problems that very fewer blogs do. Opinions and discussions on the blog by top social media marketers is their USP.
  6. Duct Tape Marketing: Their idea of marketing being a system and a system being run by well defined processes and a plan has helped them sit in the place they are right now (among the top).
  7. Copyblogger: Copyblogger, founded by Brian Clark, is a one-man army. Later on, this small blog became a digital commerce company providing useful content, copywriting tips and some exceptional products and services that got them more than 185,000 unique users.
  8. Top Rank Blog: This social media blog has ceaselessly delivered high-quality content. Lee Oden and his team have provided insights, resources and discussions on a range of public relations and social media marketing topics.
  9. Seth Godin: Seth Godin is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the new era of social media. He has a very different way of communicating his ideas to people on the blog. It does take time to take a hold of it but once you do, you will just be glued to it.
  10. Problogger: The real pro blogger, Darren Rowse, has been blogging for quite sometime now. His primary focus is to help people earn money through blogging, which most of us wants being a blogger or a content marketer. Not much is talked about social media on his blog in particular but he stays true to his goal of learning more about blogging and help people on the way.
  11. Chris Brogan: Don’t get carried away with the style of content on this blog, because Chris being a very friendly person keeps his blog friendly and personal. This personal style of blogging has made him quite a famous personality in the industry. He tends to explain topics with the help of real life examples of his own.
  12. Business2Community: With over 10,000+ expert contributors, this blog has everything you want. With that kind of expertise you know you are at the right place, and it shows the range of topics they cover. From social media to technology, from marketing to entertainment, this blog is like the whole package.
  13. SocialTimes: Previously known as AllFacebook, this site had now integrated its AllTwitter page and other pages into one and called it SocialTimes. With the integration, the already good site has become even better. The blog focuses on the two biggest social media platforms – Facebook & Twitter and help you gain more insights into it.
  14. Convince & Convert: This team of 10 members mentored by Jay Baer, a digital marketing pioneer and best selling author has convinced many with their straight forward recommendations and articles on social media. If you are looking to follow a blog from the list, then this is the one.
  15. Socialnomics: If you want to learn the ins and outs i.e. economics of social media then this is the place to be at. The whole concept of Socialnomics is about how you present your message to the social media audience. Erik Qualman along with the team of 5 have successfully built a rapport with the audience of being one of the best blogs about social media.
  16. Moz: One of the first SEO companies and now probably the largest. The Moz journal keeps readers currents on numerous trends in search engine marketing and optimization and conjointly manages to act as a concept leader for the business.
  17. Social Media Today: A powerhouse aggregator web site that has more and more content written specifically for it, too. Noise-to-signal magnitude relation may be a trifle high, however often you will find attention-grabbing ideas and it is a superb supply of recent voices.
  18. The Blog Herald: The blog has been in inception since 2003 and has been a premier source of information on various social media topics. They claim that the blog is the longest and largest standing resource for news on the blogosphere, which does show when you visit their blog.
  19. Social Fresh: Fresh and interesting blogs is what defines Social Fresh. Their blogs range from news regarding changes in the industry to quick tips on how to improve your social media presence. With contributions from top level marketers, this is a no-miss.
  20. Socially Stacked: This blog caters to small businesses and enterprises. Over here, you will find a lot of infographic content which makes it pleasurable to read this blog. Their tips and techniques about social media are worth to implement your social media strategy.
  21. Social Mouths: Their content speaks of their quality and damn its top class. You may find well written and informative articles on various topics like blogging, social media, web traffic, content marketing, conversion and email marketing.
  22. Sprout Social: This is one of the most visually beautiful blogs of the list. But that’s not what they are known for. The insights they provide on social media and solutions to certain problems are a definite read for a social media marketer.
  23. Buffer: The buffer application is a sensation among content marketers and their blog too isn’t far behind. Whether they are analyzing on how people respond to certain content or talking about their Buffer app, their posts are consistently remarkable.
  24. Contently: This blog is made by and for content marketers. Their magazine Content Strategist provides solid info dedicated entirely to the world of content marketing.
  25. Marketing Profs: For accessing their seminars, special reports and other tools you need to become a premium member, which comes at its cost. Irrespective of that, the blog article are top-notch and are freely available. Being trusted by over 600,000 professional globally, this blog is a definite place to stay ahead of the curve.

There were many social media blogs that have great content and we might have missed them. So, please share your thoughts or social media blogs you read and help us improve this list.