Sometimes, the unthinkable can happen. You’ve spent all of your SEO money on this or that, and so you can’t afford to start spending on a wide ranging marketing strategy. So what are you supposed to do?

Well, it is fortunate for you that we have put together this list, comprising three of the best, most effective and least expensive digital marketing strategies to help you get your work in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

Let’s take a look at them!

Strategy #1 – Start Answering Questions

There are a few good websites out there where you can make yourself useful by answering the questions put forward by other people. One of the better examples of this sort of website is called Quora, and can be found at

People go to Quora with their burning questions and are looking for experts who can give them their answers. So this makes it the perfect place to put your skills on show and potentially drum up some new readers for your site.

Go to Quora – and other similar sites; even Yahoo! Answers can be a viable option – and look at the questions that fall into your niche or area of expertise. Start using that knowledge to answer people’s questions, all the while pushing your product subtly as the real answer to their problems.

Make a profile on the site, fill it out with all your relevant information and details about your website, then go about answering a couple of questions a day. And make sure you drop in a link to your site when it fits!

Strategy #2 – Interview the Major Influencers

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding people to interview – after all, there aren’t many bloggers who don’t love taking their little turn in the spotlight. All you need to do is to look within your niche and find the people who command the most influence, who have the largest following. Then you need to tell them about the brand exposure they can benefit from, simply by talking with you for half an hour. That’s the easy part!

Then you need to spend some time coming up with some fantastic interview questions, and later write it up into a really interesting and enthralling post. And if you have a little money left, you can also take out a few paid ads on Facebook to make sure it really pops.

Strategy #3 – Upsell through Your Customer Support

Clearly, this strategy will only work if you have a seriously impressive customer support team, but if you do have that, then you can really take advantage. Basically, when any of your customers contact your team for any sort of support, your team uses that as a way of subtly up selling your services.

This obviously has to be tackled with a great deal of tact; while giving your customers the support they need, your product should be pushed as the solution to all of their other issues. They’re there talking to you, so take advantage of that.